What are cookies and how and why we use them

Cookies are small text files that a web browser can store on your computer when you visit a website when you visit a website. They are used to make the websites better performing their work and also to simplify the work of the user (eg remembering logged-in user, measuring traffic, customizing the advertising offer, remembering the entered data). This will make the page quicker after repeated visits and will remember your settings.

Cookies may be temporary (remain on your computer while you are on the site) or still (remain on your computer until you delete them or expire). We use cookies in order to ensure the best possible operation of our site and to provide our readers and clients with the best possible service. Thanks to cookies, for example, the message about their use appears only once, after your consent it will not appear again.

By storing data on your computer, the servers are relieved and the need for data transfer is reduced. You can delete or block them at any time via your web browser settings. In this case, however, I can not guarantee the correct functioning of the site. Cookies that we use on our site do not harm your computer in any way.

We use several types of cookies on

Basic and functional cookies – ensure the basic functioning of our site, such as security, user login, remember login, predictive form filling, etc. Functional cookies improve the functionality of the site, such as remembering your settings and so on. These files are necessary for the flawless functioning of the site.

Operational Cookies – Mainly used to provide statistical information about the visit and usage of our site. This includes data such as the number of visits, the time spent on the website, and the sources from which you visited us. However, this data is anonymous and not associated with a specific person.
We use Google Analytics to measure traffic.

Advertising Cookies – Display ads that are tailored to your interests. They can collect information about your favorite websites and show ads that may interest you. These cookies are operated by third parties, our Google advertising partner.

Other cookies – these are mainly third-party files such as Google or Facebook (for example, if you like to share articles using Facebook) and so on.

What data we can process about you through cookies

Information about your visit to our site
IP address information, browser type, operating system
Learn about in-page activity.
We do not associate the above activities with you in our environment, so automated processing does not affect your rights and freedoms. Likewise, there is no profiling when processing your data.

How do you change the way you use cookies?

Most browsers automatically allow the use of cookies to ensure the functionality of the website. You can find how to use cookies in your web browser settings. There you can set blocking or alerts on the use of cookies. However, turning off some cookies may affect the functionality of our site.

Instructions for checking cookies for the most popular browsers:

Mozilla Firefox: http: //
Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer:
How long we store cookies data

Cookie data is not stored on our systems.

If you have questions, requests, respectively. you want to notify us of your privacy violation, you can do so by sending an email to